Workshop accidents (2020)


(12 October 2020)

Although accident data is often collected at the national level, the exchange of data between different countries or organisations remains difficult and consequently hampers the feeding of national and international databases with sufficient and comparable information. This limits in the end the possibility to elaborate recommendations to prevent similar accidents. The fact that accident reporting is not mandatory in inland shipping does not help the situation.
The CESNI organised this workshop with the following objectives:

  • Bring together persons from different member states that are involved in collecting data on accidents in inland navigation
  • Increase the understanding of existing methodologies and statistical concepts in view of an evaluation of similarities and significant differences across member states
  • Inform on the work done by the EUROSTAT Task Force
  • Improve the data collection situation in Europe
  • Close knowledge gaps by raising awareness of who is collecting data
  • Identify reasons why data is not collected
  • Convey the importance of accident data collection for overall safety in inland navigation
  • Pave the way to the development of an accident database on an international level (with the possibility of comparison and cooperation)
  • Promote commitment to provide data


Examples of practical experience on national level

  • Mr van Brummelen (Rijkswaterstaat) EN
    SOS Formulier EN
  • Mr Nehab (WSV – Wasserstraßen- und Schifffahrts-verwaltung) EN
  • Mr Bačkalov (University of Belgrade; Novmiar Project) EN


Harmonised methodologies

  • Ms Iscru, EUROSTAT EN


Experiences from the insurance sector

  • Mr De Bakker, EOC Insurance EN


Digital tools

  • Mr Van der Linde, PZI – Platform Zero Incidents EN NL
  • Mr Nieuwesteeg, CLECS – Centre for the Law & Economics of Cyber Security Rotterdam EN


Zoom on the current situation

  • Ms Klootwijk De Vries, IVR, Ms Espenhahn, CESNI Secretariat EN


The minutes will be available shortly.